Missing You!

Today was d-day (I guess yesterday in all technicality since it's already after midnight). I will always treasure our last morning together before you left for Iraq...helping M get dressed, making you Swedish pancakes and watching you, with tears in my eyes, write one last message on the glass in the bathroom. After 20 or 30 showers I'm sure that the condensation will distort your sweet words and make them completely illegible. That's okay, I took a picture.

We said goodbye at the hangar early this afternoon and I couldn't hold it together. We will miss you terribly! Natalie was really sweet and helped divert my attention away from the loaded buses that you and your fellow soldiers were in and helped me to focus on other, more positive things. After we got home, M and I had a small lunch (neither of us were really very hungry) and then walked two laps around the trail. I have a focus! Right now, I'm counting down the days until I can send care packages (22 to be exact). Sweet dreams, my lover. With much love & many hugs, your number one fans (yes, there can be more than one number 1).

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  1. Your post made me cry, remembering a similar day not too long back. We are blessed so very much with husbands that we adore and who adore us, and with marvelous father's to our children. Makes this harder, but there is much thanks in there, too. I'm praying for you, friend!