Something Not Portrayed by the Media

Today Rob called me from Iraq. Phew! He enjoyed a safe flight from Kuwait to Iraq. We are all tired of this war. The media slap us in the face on a daily basis with stories of hate and protest on this very unpopular war. To me, the media portrays our (the U.S.) presence in Iraq as tired and unsupported by the Iraqi people. However, as Rob was flying over the Iraqi landscape earlier today, he witnessed something that is most definitely not seen on the news everyday. Every time his aircraft passed over a dwelling, people rushed outside waving and jumping up and down. It really warms my heart to think that my beloved is there for those people of Iraq. People that really do feel the benefits that our soldiers have helped to provide. I am tired of this war and would love more than anything for my soldier to come home to his family but I can't help but feel that this deployment already has meaning to me. I love you, dearest. Scan and stay safe!
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