Modern Technology and the Webcam

How lucky are we to be able to see Rob when he is so far away?! I wish we had invested in a few webcams for ourselves and for family members while we were in Germany. This past Tuesday, the 22nd, M was able to see and talk to her Daddy for the first time since he left. You can see him on the 'puter screen. M was so fascinated by watching the image of herself on the screen that it was hard to finally get her to see her Daddy. Here, she is just realizing that Daddy is there and she could hear him speaking!
We mostly IM each other while watching the webcams since it's easier to have a conversation. The lag time with the added Internet "phone" makes it a little difficult to be patient. We still use it when we just want to hear each other's voices.
It's hard enough to cope with the absence of your beloved, but how tough it must have been for the families of past wars. I am so grateful for the technology that makes it possible to speak face to face with my sweetheart!
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