I Wish...

Have you ever seen "Dragon Tales" (animated show on PBS)? M happens to love this program and requests it often. At the beginning of each episode, two little children want to go to dragonland, so they recite the following wish: "I wish, I wish with all my heart to fly with dragons in a land apart." M would recite this over and over again. Then, one day she decided to recite her own version. Every night, before I turn off the light in her room, she says; "I wish, I wish with all my heart to do fly with DADDY in a land apart." I fight back tears every time she says it. Here's a little video of me provoking her to recite her wish so I could capture it on film.

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  1. Sarah,
    Thank you so much for this blog-site. I thoroughly enjoy the updates on Bob and you and M. She is so precious, and the videos make it seem like the two of you are right here with me. Lots of love and prayers for all three of you.