Rob in Iraq

I just wanted to write a little note on behalf of my beloved. Despite what you might think, Rob does not have much free time. The little time he does have is spent trying to catch up on sleep or catching up with his family. He is so very thankful for all of the letters, emails and packages that so many of you have sent. Please do not be offended if he doesn't write to you while he is there. People that the soldiers have never even met send packages. Schools, private organizations and churches assemble and ship goods to the soldiers as well. Thank you notes and email responses are piling high. Nonetheless, Rob is so grateful and cherishes your thoughtfulness. I want to thank all of you as well for making my husband proud to serve his country and brightening his days in the sandbox. Thank you!

Much love and many hugs,
Rob: prepared to shower in his combat shower gear
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  1. Hey! Just wanted everyone to know that this isn't the norm! I was just being goofy that day- we don't have to wear that crazy getup very often at all. (Hence why it's so clean)