A few more things that have kept me occupied

I've been backing up all of my documents, photos, videos, etc. and came across a few more project photos to add. Here are a few more completed projects:
A little quilted fold-up art tote for M

A birthday gift for one of M's neighborhood buddies -- Idea from Angry Chicken's book, Bend the Rules Sewing, on mini scale.

M's architecture -- done all by herself using my Rebok step as her stable platform

A doorway puppet theatre for M (completed in January) -- Like Angry Chicken, I was also inspired by Magic Cabin to create a doorway puppet theatre. I really liked the fringe that Angry Chicken used and decided to use it on M's as well. http://angrychicken.typepad.com/ Check out her site, she has excellent ideas. M really LOVES this. Not really to put on her own puppet shows, but to watch them herself and listen to the funny noises Mommy makes while putting on a show for her. :)
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