Cracker Toes

Where does she come up with these crazy ideas? Rob seems to think that it's just to make her mommy smile. Explanation: I woke up yesterday morning feeling lousy -- achy, fever, congested, etc. When it was time for lunch, I really didn't didn't feel like sitting in the kitchen with M, especially since I had no appetite of my own. So...I cheated. I was so happy that I had bought a couple of Lunchables (something we rarely do) the other day for an occasion such as this. I told M that we were going to have a "special lunch" in the living room (where I could rest my throbbing head while she ate her lunch). M was happily munching away at her processed lunch when she decided to change things up a bit. She had only her crackers and a bit of cheese left at this point and began placing one of the crackers between her toes. She then grabs her ankle and brings her foot (clenching the cracker) towards her mouth and proceeded to eat her entire cracker that way. Of course, since she saw my reaction (laughing uncontrollably, holding my head and crying) she decided to eat her remaining crackers in the same manner. I seriously about died.
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