It's Been a While

Hello Dear Ones,
I feel so awful for not updating this blog in what seems like forever. M and I have had a busy past couple of months. In March we spent a couple weeks in South Dakota visiting family and caring for my sister while her mother was exploring portions of Latin and South America. Our adventure was via air travel this time; which was very fun for M. She was only a year old when we had the red-eye flight moving back to the US from Germany, so now she was at an age to really appreciate the "teeny tiny trees, houses and cars." We had a great visit and felt very blessed to have been able to spend our time with family over the Easter holiday.

About a week after our return from South Dakota, I took M to the ER because when she woke up that morning, her face was bright red and so swollen I could barely recognize her. During our wait in the ER, her rash spread to her arms but to no other part of her body. Once we were finally seen, M was feeling pretty spunky and was flirting with the medic. She told him "I like your beautiful brown eyes." She has never let a doctor or nurse examine her willfully, let alone flirt and tickle them in the process. The next morning M was completely fine. Turns out she had hives, likely caused by stress or not enough sleep. Can you believe that! I felt so bad for the little bug, but I am so very thankful that she's okay and getting plenty of rest.

This past week, my Mom and Mother-in-law came for a visit. What fun for a little girl to have two grandmas at her beck and call! We surely enjoyed our girl time and hope the Grandmas come for a visit again soon! M sure misses her hide-and-seek buddies!

We have a busy week ahead, but VERY soon I will be writing about a most joyous R&R reunion--I can't wait!
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  1. I am so excited for you that R&R is coming soon!! I know you will cherish each and every minute!!! Miss you lots!