Feels like a dream

Well, R&R wrapped up early last Saturday morning when we took Daddy to the airport. M asked if Daddy was going back to Iraq. When we said yes, she asked "can I go with Daddy to Iraq?" What do you say to that? Since it was around 5:00am when we got back home, M and I went right back to bed. I really didn't think that either of us would go back to sleep, but we slept until just past 10:00am. When we woke up, it felt like it was a dream that he was even here -- the kind of dream that you wish would never end. While Rob was here, the time went by at a nice slow pace (except for the last few days). We savored every second together as a family.
I guess it's all downhill from here. The halfway point was around my birthday back in April and now we have around six and a half months left of this 15-month deployment. Now I know for sure that we can make it through this thing. Rob is back in Iraq as of Monday (safe journey back to the sandbox) and M and I are coping well. We have excellent neighbors and dear friends who check on us often. No doubt we miss him, but we can survive!
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  1. I love reading your blog, Sarah! I am so happy you guys had a wonderful R&R and are now officially on the "other side of the mountain". You have such a sweet family! Miss you!