Fun with a Jehovah's Witness Solicitation

To some of you, perhaps this may border on the lines of cruelty. We meant no harm and they kind of asked for it. I still have to share these silly photos of Rob in one of his goofy moods while he was home for R&R last month.

One day in May, the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it said Jehovah's Witness on the LCD. I said outloud to my dear husband, "Who would ever pick up the phone? I guess, at least, that they don't beat around the bush." Rob picked up the phone on the third or fourth ring with a huge grin and announced that he wanted to have some fun. He answered and listened to their speil. Pretending to be interested, he gave several "um hmms", "reallys" and "ahhs" while making silly faces. I'm not sure what the question was (I'm guessing something like "what is your religious affiliation?") but he answered that he was an Athiest (solely for sheer shock value -- of course, he's no such thing).

His face was hysterical and I just had to share the photos with you because I thought they were priceless and they make me laugh so hard every time I see them. Hope this makes you smile and reinforces the notion that, yes, he is still a clown.
My love, wish I had one of our high school yearbook photos scanned in with you as the clown for "Cobbler Capers." Then again, you might not want that image floating around the net with you in your bright red unionsuit longjohns. :)) I2, dearest!
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  1. Hey, they called my house too but I wasn't as "brave" as Rob and just looked at the LCD in disbelief that it would actually announce that it was Jehovah's Witnesses calling!!