"...take these wings and learn to fly..."

On the walking trail yesterday evening, M and I discovered this little fledgling resting on the asphalt. We were able to walk right up to it and would have been able to touch it. Of course we resisted to avoid scaring the poor little dear. We ran back to the house to grab the camera and when the bird saw us, it 'flew' a couple of feet down into the grass. Hence, the outspread wings shown in the photo. Since I have a bit of background in wildlife rehabilitation and have successfully cared for a number of little critters, I felt comfortable assessing the little fellow to make sure that it wasn't injured. I presume that this fledgling either fell or was booted from the nest. It wasn't able to fly any better than a chicken, but I feel that it was ready to test its fight or flight instincts in the wild on its own. Bringing it home would have placed added and unnecessary stress on the little bird.
Sure brought back fond memories of the day-old little house wren chick found in the old clothesline posts at Mom's house that I nursed to adulthood and released. I took several photos (nearly one each day) of the wren and once I get a scanner, I'll post them here. I enjoy looking back at them to see how much the little wren changed each day.
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