Waiting out the tornado

To explain the photo, some of our dear friends have gone out of their way to make sure that M and I weren't alone while waiting out a monster storm. The photo is of the seven of us (counting the photographer) crammed behind a futon in their basement. Thank you so very much for your friendship and looking out for us while Rob is in the sandbox, G, K & baby M!
This past Wednesday (June 11th), a category F3/F4 tornado tore through the surrounding communities of Fort Riley. The tornado was only an F3 when it destroyed nearly 85% of Chapman, KS (less than 20 miles east of us), then headed west-northwest towards Fort Riley. Fort Riley was spared but Manhattan, KS (~12 miles east) did not fair as well. The intensity of the tornado increased to an F4 by the time it reached Manhattan. Kansas State University (in "The Little Apple") received more than $20 million worth of damages from the twister, not to mention the numerous homes and businesses that were damaged and destroyed. If you're curious, 49 News (out of Topeka) had a camera on one of the buildings at K-State. While they were broadcasting live about the tornado in Manhattan, the tornado destroyed the camera. Click here to view the video. Several other videos with related footage of the aftermath of the tornado can be accessed via the same link.

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