Backyard Treasures

Have you ever been lucky enough to see one of these in person? I say "lucky" because luna moths are considered endangered. On top of that, our location is the eastern edge of the luna moth's distribution. When I was entering through the back door of the house yesterday, I was shocked to see this lovely luna moth. Despite having never seeing one in person, I still knew immediately what it was when I saw it. Luna moths are so distinctive with their key lime pie coloring, 'tails' on their hindwings, lavender edges joining the 'eyes' on their forewings and feathery antennae. Hmmm... I wonder if the Kansas wind helped tatter the edges of this poor moth's forewings.

I realize that my excitement won't be shared by all, but I am an absolute biology nerd and completely flipped my lid when I saw this creature. Since it hung around I even had to show it off to a couple of friends who stopped by for a craft lesson later that afternoon. :)

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