Catching up

So... I've been playing catch-up on projects lately. Several commitments over the past couple of months have pushed many of my projects (most already past due) aside including, to a degree, my blog posting.
These two little projects were quick, yet I couldn't seem to get around to them in a timely manner. Here we have another crayon roll --'matured' for my sister and her twisty colored pencils

a set of barrettes for her adorable curls.

Happy VERY belated 7th birthday, sweet sister!

You may ask..."what does M do while you are crafting away?" Well, sometimes she likes to sit on my lap and 'help' me guide the fabric past the feed dogs on my sewing machine. Whatever project I have going on, I usually have something similar for her to do as well. While I was completing these projects she was putting on a puppet show for me. :)
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  1. ....if only my kids played that nicely while I crafted. Instead, I have to get up 20 times a minute to break up a fight or save one of them from the depths of despair!!

  2. Valerie Vedder28 July, 2008 21:02

    You amaze me more and more!

  3. Maia has her moments as well, Michelle. Perhaps I should be a little more concerned if she's fighting, since it would have to be with something or someone imaginary. :)

    Thanks so much for the compliment, Valerie!