Play Clay!

Just the other day it occurred to me that M had never made play clay of her own. As soon as I told M that we were going to stir up a batch, she dashed up the stairs put on her cooking gear and returned in a flash.
Here's the recipe we used from First Art, a book loaded with inspiration:
Play Clay
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup cornstarch
Combine above ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. While mixing with your hands, gradually add warm water until the mixture begins to take form. Knead briefly to desired consistency.
Of course you can add food coloring or tempera paint to color your play clay, but M loves to paint so we opted skip the colors so she can paint the beads once they dry.
Some of her very small beads were dry in two days, however, the "humongous ones" (as she says are finally dry after a week.
...a few of her beads waiting to dry and be painted.
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  1. I love it! Maybe M's interest will persist and she'll want to learn the dying art of "cooking" from Mommy!