Showing our Patriotism and support for our Soldier

Looks like it's time for pesto (check out the fun purple ruffles basil sandwiched between the
standard variety and the marigolds)-- even more fragrant than the standard variety)!

I've had these projects on my 'to do' list for quite awhile, pushing them aside for various birthday, and going away gifts. Finally, I decided it was time to do a couple of things for my family.
The "twirly skirt" that M is wearing is from a tutorial at houseonhillroad. This is such an easy to follow tutorial and easily adaptable for an adult-size skirt by simply altering the measurements.

Our 'Rock star Rob' t-shirts are what I'm most proud of here. First, I couldn't find off-white t-shirts, so I brewed approximately one gallon of tea and tea-stained the shirts. For the image, I used Adobe Photoshop to alter a photo (LittleBlackKitty shows you how to alter your images for creating stencils) printed it onto cardstock (reduced the image for M's shirt), then cut out the black sections to create my stencils (Note: If you attempt this project, remember not to leave little islands of white amidst the black. You will need to create some sort of 'bridge' across the black portions so you do not lose the detail. You can paint the bridges to fill in the gaps after you have stenciled the design onto the t-shirt).To apply the design onto the shirts, I first placed waxed paper inside each shirt to prevent any paint from bleeding through to the other side. Next, I taped the stencils onto the shirts. Then, I mixed a 1:1 ratio of paint and textile medium and applied it to the shirts with a triangular cosmetic sponge. Once the design dried (~8-12 hours), I heat-set the image with a hot iron. Voila! Of course, I have grandiose plans for this new found technique. :)
Last, but not least, here are a couple of hair clips that I made for M to match her new stars & stripes twirly skirt. They are simply made with two fabric covered buttons then glued to small barrettes.
Wishing you a memorable Independence Day!
With much love and many hugs,
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