A little explanation: M was dressing up for our "chilly"--her words-- (92°F) day. I was going outside to harvest a little basil for dinner and see if there were any ripe tomatoes. M pulled on her stocking cap and mittens and ran after me. There was one smallish tomato - red, ripe and ready, so I picked it and gave it to M to carry into the house. I assumed that she would just put it on the table, so I didn't really give it any further thought. After I washed the basil and was patting it dry, I turned around and saw M perched up on her chair clenching and savoring that warm, fresh juicy tomato (already half-eaten). I would have loved to have shared it with her, but the look of sheer bliss on her face was enough for me. I'm so glad we share a love for tomatoes!

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  1. When my sweet daughter asks when I am going to come home, I've told her that it has to get cold again- using the seasons to measure time as opposed to overwhelming her with the time concept which might be tough to grasp. Lately, I've seen her add "cold" to her imaginary playing routine. Maybe she's tired of the heat, but I interpret it as she misses me, and it makes me smile. I miss you too and I love you, little one!

  2. Absolutely, Love! I didn't even think of that. Of course she misses you. In fact, when she crawled in bed with me this morning, she said "I really miss my daddy. We need to go get him soon!" Looking forward to your retun, Daddy! I2

  3. I just read your exchange above and it made me tear up! We're excited for you to come back too Rob! I love this post. I can picture silly Maia doing exactly what Sarah described.