A Crazy Story from my Past

I have a number of things that I've been wanting to blog but have been putting them off so I'll start rambling to cross them off of my list. There is an enormously loooonnnnngg story that I try to avoid telling but when I become really good friends with someone, it happens to work it's way to the surface. Despite the number of times I've told this story I'm sure that I screw up one detail or another. I'm not sure if this will work, but I would like to try to expose this mess here to avoid telling this story for the bazillionth time and screwing up the details (yet, again).

Today I realize that the scientific exposure we had as children(yes, that's me--the nerdy girl with the glasses and my brothers.) was and is such an enormous privilege (although we didn't always think so at the time). We spent our summers camping on the prairie, Badlands and outcrops of South Dakota and Wyoming in search of prehistoric treasure. My brothers and I grew up with a paleontologist father (Pete Larson - you can Google him if you're so inclined). Perhaps you've heard of him or seen him on the Discovery Channel, or some other Science network or program. Have you heard of the Tyrannosaurus rex that was seized by the Federal government? Maybe you don't know about the seizure but you might have heard of SUE (T. rex). SUE is now located at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL but you should know the sorted details of her past. Click here for a bizarre and completely twisted story. If you were able to read the entire story and would like to read a little more about this story and T.rex in general, check out Rex Appeal for more juicy bits.

Way to go Dad! We're so proud of what you have achieved and overcome. I can't believe it's been 18 years since the discovery!

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  1. Wow, great picture!!!! We have one too and I'm wearing those nasty bright pink and purple swishy pants with matching jacket. Rock star! =)