Did the Stress Management Retreat Really Work?

We're back after a semi-relaxing retreat this weekend. I was worried that we would be sitting in seminars all weekend and not have much free time. Sitting still is not my idea of fun. Even if I'm watching T.V. I have to be doing some sort of craft project just to be doing something. Well, I actually learned a little and feel like I may have helped other women who are going through this deployment with me. I can even say that I had a genuinely good time. Aside from the pool not closing until 10pm (our room faced the pool so it was pretty noisy) and keeping M awake, we had a very relaxing weekend. I was asleep before 10pm one night -- unbelievable! We left the hotel around lunch time on Sunday and met our friends at Chuck E. Cheese's, a first for both M and I. We were both pretty overwhelmed but had a great time (although, I recommend eating elsewhere). M slept in the car the whole way home and actually woke up in a good mood. However, once I opened the door and said "Okay, honey, it's time to get out of the car" she fell apart and had a complete meltdown. M screamed and cried for 45 minutes. The stress classes must have helped because I didn't yell at her the entire time she was flipping out. I just kept talking to her to try to calm her down. At one point I squirted water in her face but that just ticked her off even more. When she finally did calm down I asked her why she was so upset. Her reply: "I don't know, Mommy. I was just upset." Maybe she had too much fun this weekend.
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  1. I'm glad it was somewhat relaxing! I was thinking about you and how the conference went. It was great to see you dear friend :o)