For real?

Last weekend, when I was sniffling and grumbling of a little cold, Picerne (contracted housing office) placed a little sign on my front lawn...a very non-deserving front lawn with dying marigolds and bare patches. Granted, I have tried everything to grow grass here and have been quite successful. However, grass does not like to be cut even with the soil like the yard maintenance crew likes to do with their weed eaters. That's right, they cut our sloping front lawns with weed eaters...our poor lawn. Maybe it does deserve the sign, after all of the weekly abuse it takes from the lawn crew. It makes me want to get a lawn mower and tell them not to bother with our lawn. I like cutting the grass anyway.

Left to Right in the back yard: spaghetti squash & pumpkins, tomatoes and very bushy basil -- that even I can't seem to use fast enough.
I was told that our back lawns were examined in the decision-making process as well, so that makes me feel a little better. Rob and I worked hard on that little patio over R & R. Anyway, I guess I should just be thankful that we were chosen. I just can't help feeling that other neighbors must be thinking that it was a poor decision to choose us. Please don't hold any grudges, it wasn't our idea, we're just as baffled as you!

Time for me to plant a few mums and autumn harvest stonecrop to try to redeem the front lawn a little.
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  1. Guess who gets to help me get our NEW little lawn into shape now? I was dreading it after all the hard work I've put into our current one, but now that I know I have September's Yard of the Month Lady on my side, I have nothing to fear. -Sara

  2. :)) My 'skills' are limited, Sara but I'm certainly happy to help. I find it difficult to put money ino something that's so temporary. I guess that's what we do in the military -- make our location as homey as possible to have it feel like our own.