Her turn + some other stuff

Finally, I have the opportunity to create for my little girl. As I'm working on various projects, M consistently asks "is that for me? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" I feel so guilty. I've made a number of things for her but my goal was to make something for her once per week. I'm lucky if I can make something for her once a month. We've had a number of functions or circumstances where I feel the need to create gifts for the occassions so I've been putting off projects for my own family. On Sunday I finally took the opportunity to recycle one of Rob's old aviatior BDU tops and created a backpack for M. The rest of the top and pants are a project in the works for me -- a bag. The tab closure is from the cuff of one of the sleeves (velcro removed and added magnetic snap). I still need to add a name tape and Rob's badges. M just wanted to wear her backpack right away so I'll have to stich those on while she sleeps. :)

This is one of the pieces that M did while I was sewing. The image is right side up. I just love how "Mommy and Daddy" are lying on their sides while "M" is dancing on top.I'm so in love with it.

Also on Sunday...
~Created a belated birthday gift for a dear friend (using photo --> stencil technique seen here). Here's the original photo: Pin It


  1. WOW - that backpack is fabulous!!! Almost as cute as the wearer!!! Love the drawing too! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog =)

  2. Hi Melly and Rosie,
    I'm so touched and flattered that you took the time to write me a comment! I so admire your work and have become an avid reader of your blog (http://mellyandme.typepad.com/). Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Thank you so much Sarah for my wonderful gift. I have so many awesome things from you and I wish I could return the favor but I just don't have your talent! Thanks again and it's something I'll treasure forever!!

  4. Gina, your friendship is the greatest thing that you could do for me in return. You have spoiled me plenty with boot camp and Wednesday night dinners, don't forget your huge contribution! Thank you so much for your friendship!