Just because

Yes, I already posted a photo of her first pigtails, but have you seen them from behind (wavy part and all)? Today was the second time she let me put pigtails in her hair. Seriously, I can't get enough. Her hair is so fine and has finally been thickening on top a little so she doesn't look like she's running around with a little mullet--at least not as blatantly. No, I never shaved her head. Yes, I want it to grow longer so people quit calling her a little boy. I never thought I would care about stuff like that since I try to avoid dressing her in all the little cliche girly girl things. I think she can still look like a little girl without wearing pink, pastels, and lavender. M is about to have her very own chocolate herringbone jumper--in the works right now. Back to the sewing room for me. I promised M that I would finish a project for her before we leave for our weekend retreat in Topeka on Friday.

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  1. Love the pigtails (and the ensemble for that matter)! I think I told you about the Japanese sewing books I have- my neighbor is borrowing one of them, but once she's finished I have to get them to you. M would look so cute in most everything.

  2. Thanks, Sara! I look forward to borrowing your books! I have two that I love. I'm working on a few fall pieces for M right now from the books that I have. We'll have to swap Japanese sewing books!