Finally, it's finished! Michelle purchased fabric a few months ago for me to create a diaper bag for baby girl number 3 after seeing a bag that I made for Gina when her first child was born. The bags are complete with key clips, changing pads and more than a dozen pockets, to include pockets for cell phones and pens/pencils. The one I made for Michelle has an added zippered pocket in one of the interior compartments (I wish I had done this with Gina's since it's the perfect place for a wallet). Originally, I was going to make these bags to sell on Etsy but they are way labor intensive. Let's put it this way, if I charged $5/hr (below minimum wage, mind you) for my time alone, I would have to charge more than $100/bag. These bags are also way too thick with the different layers required to create 3 main compartments with additional pockets. The first one I made (Gina's) was 24 layers at it's thickest point (we're not talking tissue weight fabric) because of the way I constructed the pockets. I knew that if I made any other bags like this, I would have to make a few changes. This one I was able to reduce to 17 layers at it's thickest point -- still too much for my humble little Brother. At least I didn't have to hand sew (blind stitch) a couple of the seams like I did on Gina's bag. Currently, I'm working on three other bags that I recently sketched--completely trail and error when you design a bag. It might look simple on paper, but when you actually set out to make it...that's another story. Complaining aside, I was more than happy to make these bags for such good friends. And, yes, I still had fun. :) Pin It


  1. That is an amazing diaper bag!!!! You really should sell some stuff on Etsy... even if it's not this bag.

  2. Those are so beautiful! Great job! I'd buy one...well, not a diaper bag as I have no children, but a purse of the same sort.