Photo Bead Bracelet Tutorial

So many people have asked "how did you do that?" -- referring to the photo bead bracelets that I have posted a couple of times on this blog (here and here). I recently created a power point tutorial for the bracelets as I plan to do this as a project with my FRG (family readiness group) later this month. I've struggled with this a bit, converting it into a pdf with a trial-version pdf writer and uploading it onto Scribd. I'm hoping it comes through here.

Please let me know if you have trouble opening/playing the file, I'll try to find an alternative. At this point, the slides are a little screwy and some of the words were cut off during the upload to Scribd.
I re-uploaded (is that even a word) the tutorial hoping for a better conversion and played around with the HTML a bit, so the words aren't cut off as badly and the original format of my slideshow isn't as screwy...still not perfect, but oh well.
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  1. I do believe you are the coolest FRG leader on the planet! Can I join your group??? :-)

  2. You're too sweet, Connie! You know you're welcome any time -- just wish you weren't so far away. :(