Skinned Knees and Scabs

Poor M. She's absolutely fine now, but she's had three good spills in less than one week. Last Friday, when we were delivering the diaper bag to Michelle and wandering the streets of Lawrence, She fell and skinned her knees (not too badly this first time). I think she bumped her head twice the same day a well.

On Tuesday, this week, she fell on the sidewalk and really skinned her left knee. She actually refused to straighten her leg or walk for over six hours. She would cry every so often in pain and would not take my bribes of chocolate or even play outside. I was pretty sure that nothing was broken and that she was just scared that it would hurt if she straightened her leg or walked but after a suggestion from a friend I thought it was best to take her to the ER to be safe. M was a good trooper for the docs and nurses, even let them x-ray her leg without crying. Of course, she was fine - had a "contusion" on her knee. In complete overkill, the doc wrapped her knee in an ace bandage. Seriously, I can't believe M let them put it on. She hates band-aids.

Then on Wednesday evening, as we were walking down the steps outside to go for a walk, M fell down two of the steps on her face. I completely freaked out because I heard the horrible sound her head made when it hit the concrete. I held it together on the outside but I was a mess inside my head. Her lip was bleeding (same place where I have a childhood scar from jumping and falling on a bed as a toddler) and I thought that she bit through her lip at first and did some damage to her teeth since her mouth was bleeding. Her mouth is fine and the cut above her lip didn't go all the way through. She has a nice scabby moustache, fat lip and a light bruise on the side of her head. Poor kiddo. I'm tempted to wrap her in bubble wrap for a few days before I let her run wild.
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  1. Give Maia a hug/kiss from Grandma Deni. The marks left behind build character for Mom and Maia.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Mom. :) She's obviously fine now, but it just kills me when she's hurt.

  3. The first tough job you get in life is being a kid- I love you my sweet girls! Getting closer now!