Did you miss me? :)

Certainly, I've gone much longer without posting on the blog but I feel as though I have been extremely neglectful. After posting at least three times per week, I feel as though I've been slacking here.

These next couple of months will be packed with activities and projects to prepare for a most awesome homecoming as well as regular holiday stuff. Please bear with me, and I'll try to maintain this as best I can. All of the activities on my to do list should really make the days fly; which is totally fine with me. :)

I've spent many hours of this past week in front of the computer working on this month's FRG newsletter and our company cookbook/memory book. I'm still not finished, but I did finish designing the first draft of the book cover.

I wanted to post a few other pics, but I guess they are on the new camera, and I don't have the time to load the software on the puter tonight, so I guess you'll have to settle for a photo of the new equipment. When my Dad was here for a brief visit earlier this month, he brought me a belated birthday gift -- his older (yet, in perfect condition and way more professional than I could have ever imagined or hoped for) digital Nikon SLR with 2 lenses. Dad recently got a newer, jazzier Nikon and wanted to pass on his D-70 to me. Imagine my reaction when he asked if that would be an OK gift -- um........YEAH! I've been experimenting with it and reading the guides that he gave me with the camera to learn as much as possible. Thanks again, Dad -- love the new toy!
With Dad's brief visit a couple of weeks ago and Beth and Brenda's visit last weekend, I'm really missing my family. I really want to be baking with Mom right now. I hope you can understand why I have chosen to stay here and why we have really only had the opportunity to visit only a couple of times since the deployment began. Missing all of you...with much love and many hugs ~ Sarah
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  1. Funny! I got MY dad's D70 when he got the D200 last year. HA! Except that hauling it around can be a little annoying, it's such a great camera. I need more lenses though- if only they weren't an arm and a leg. Oh, and maybe a photography class- I've been too lazy to read the book...Congratulations! Maybe I'll leave the textbook to you and just rope you into being my reader's digest?