Facebook is not just for teenage competition

Just over one month ago, I joined a social networking website called Facebook (I'm sure many of you have heard of it and joined - long before I ever did). I neglected to join for so long thinking it was a place like Myspace and was only for teenagers and pedophiles. After a couple of invites from good friends, I decided to go for it. When I looked at the numbers of friends that the people who added me had I thought, how the heck would I ever be able to keep up? I have a hard enough time staying in contact with my few really good friends and family. Well, I shouldn't have passed such hasty judgement because it turns out that facebook is far more than I ever expected it to be. Sure, the cheesy applications, like "flair" and the "greenpatch" are rather silly, but the connection it provides for me to reconnect with family and friends is really quite fantastic.

After reuniting on facebook (after 6+ years), two of my dear cousins concocted a road trip to Kansas to visit M and lil' ol' me. :) I can't describe our most excellent time together any better than my cousin, Beth, who already posted about our time together on her blog Little Tree. We literally had to force ourselves to go to bed and stop talking. Despite our infrequent reunions and length of time between visits we shared everything with one another and felt absolutely no awkwardness. We haven't known each other as adults until now, yet we seemed to have everything in common with one another and it feels as though we are sisters/best friends. M absolutely adores her cousins, Beth and Brenda and wishes they could have stayed and played. We're so grateful that this trip worked out so well! Can't wait for our next reunion --you are welcome Any time! Best of luck in your careers, dear cousins and I hope to see you again soon! I guess Facebook isn't just for teenagers competing for the most friends after all.

With much love and many hugs ~ S

Side note: M and I spent the rest of Sunday evening outside. I opened the garage to grab the wheelbarrow to haul the squash and pumpkin plants that I had pulled to the dumpster and found two baby toads (Woodhouse's again) near the drain in the garage. Maia had a temporary pet toad until I told her that it would be happiest playing in the damp soil. Sure were cute little buggers. :)

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  1. Mom told me Brenda and Beth were down to see you. I'm so glad you had such a good time.

  2. Thank goodness for Facebook =)
    Also, thanks for the great comments from you and Rob.
    Hope this week went well for you and M and that you remembered to wash the bug guts off of the bug catcher =)