1. completing 2 loads of laundry - washed, dried, folded and put away
  2. cleaning out the refrigerator
  3. grocery shopping - and put away
  4. repairing the elastic loops on the sweater dryer
  5. altering elastic in the waistband of M's pants
  6. repairing a side seam on one of M's shirts
  7. repairing the binding on my favorite grocery shopping tote and...
  8. playing hide-and-seek

I watched an episode of Modern Marvels (previously recorded) about bathrooms. Did you know that most toilets are tuned to the key of E flat? I couldn't stop laughing after I saw that little fun factoid pop up on the screen.

All the talk about toilets reminded me of the unusual ones we encountered while we lived in Germany. Most of them had a "viewing platform" (as my friend Stacy says) where there is this shelf inside of the bowl where the water struggles to reach, leaving remnants or all of your poo on the platform...very bizarre and frustrating to clean. Is the platform so you can study your poo in case the doc asks you about your stools? Or is it to avoid the occasional splash?

Another noteworthy toilet is the automatic seat cleaning toilet. The German clinic where my OB was had this interesting piece of machinery. After you flush the toilet (some flush automatically like here in the States), the seat will rotate 360°, cleaning as it rotates. Don't believe me? There are actually several videos on the web to experience this for yourself.

Then, there are always the squat toilets -- self explanatory. I only remember seeing one of these at a rest area of sorts.

Enough toilet talk, time to wind down and go to bed at a decent hour.



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  1. E flat, huh? What if we tuned our toilet to E or D? What would the dis-harmony of a half step do? Would it upset the sewer melody? Would it shake the wall apart? Would it serve as a roach repellent? I smell a science experiment!


  2. I love the toilet discussion, traveling definitely makes you appreciate clean, functioning "normal" toilet options. I've never had to put so much thought into "how to", "how do I" and "why" about using a toilet than in Europe. The squatting option at 8 mos. pregnant was NOT my favorite. My husband and I HATED, what we referred to as "shelf toilets"...it was gross and frustrating to get it all to just go away! Thanks for the thoughts and laughs!

  3. :) I was completly puzzled as to who "cocilian" was. Thanks for the comment "c-mac!" We can certainly reflect/sympathize with one another. :D