Halloween Prep 3: It's a Furry Mess! + Giveaway

What a mess! My eyes are itching like crazy with all of the black fibers everywhere. Do I get out the vacuum at 11:30 at night and risk making my neighbors angry? I'll have to suck it up (or not) and go to bed with black furry bits clinging to everything. I guess tomorrow I'll have to wash the sheets 3 days early since they will be ridden with the stuff. This is the kind of thing that wanders around in my mind when I go to bed..."man, I really should have vacuumed up my mess. Now the cats will track it everywhere...blah, blah, blah." This is why I stay up so late. I'll be thinking of such topics, usually housework or craft/sewing projects and then I won't be able to sleep. So, I'll either toss and turn or get up and take care of whatever is bothering me.

I don't have a finished project to post, but I do have some completed stages in the costume process. I finished drafting the design for M's costume (very rough -- I used stubby crayons and couldn't seem to stay within the lines), cut out the main body pieces and bought the remaining items for M and my sister's costumes. My goal is to have half of the accessories or the bodies of their costumes completed for my post tomorrow evening. We shall see!

I haven't revealed M's costume for this year on the blog and have decided to make it a surprise for those who I didn't already inform. Think you can guess what it is from the drawing (not the costume in its entirety, obviously)? I'll give away something handmade by lil' ol' me to the first person to correctly guess her costume. Please no spoilers or "guesses" from those who have already been told what her costume will be. Sorry, I'll make it up to everyone later.
To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is enter a comment (click on the word comment(s) under this post) with your guess and enter your first name. Good luck, and thanks for keeping it interesting!
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  1. Meredith Ryncarz01 October, 2008 05:53

    Hmmm . . . Jason wants to know if the giveaway is some of your cooking?

    I think it is either a wizard of oz guard to Emerald City or an elf.

    I am not much good at the Guessing games but am now VERY interested to see what she will be!

  2. :)) I'm glad somebody took the bait and started guessing. Thanks, Meredith and Jason! I haven't decided for certain what the prize will be but it will likely be a small assortment. Food is a good idea for one of the items. I was thinking a bag filled with a couple of goodies. I'll post the prize before the contest is over.

  3. Oooo, Oooo! What do I get if I guess it right?

  4. My guess is actually a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz. Which is George's favorite movie right now, by the way. :)
    Can't wait to see the finished product, whatever it may be!

  5. Holy cow! Somebody already guessed the flying monkey! I've got to get faster at my blog stalking!!!! :-)