Halloween Prep. Day 2

Another quick project to creep-ify the house for Halloween... Poe's Raven wreath (crows in actuality, but I like a good Poe reference). I really don't normally go for wreaths to decorate my doors. They tend to be too cutesy or craft show country for my personal taste. The idea for this wreath came from Matthew Mead's book, Halloween: Tricks and Treats. He used smaller scale items (wreath and black birds), feathers and faux quail eggs to decorated his wreath. When I saw the weird, fuzzy little seed pod things in the silk flowers at the craft store I thought they looked a little like spider egg sacs and knew immediately that is what I was going to use. Hanging the finished wreath posed a temporary dilemma in that I didn't know how I was going to hang it. I wanted wide black ribbon initially but I didn't have any. I thought about running to the store but changed my mind because ribbon would be to glam. Then, I remembered that I had some black cotton fabric and decided to tear a strip and used that to hang my blackened wreath -- perfectly dreadful. Please excuse the non-centered image.

Also Halloween related, my sister, Ella (now 7 years old) requested that I make her costume this year (hence, the 4 total on my to-do list). Today I received the most amazing drawing of her costume design in the mail. I was so blown away with the views she chose to sketch of what she wanted. They reminded me of the classic dorsal and ventral views that you sketch in anatomy classes of organisms that you are given for dissection. Her very vivid imagination has come up a "mouse bat" costume. Admittedly, I was hoping that she would just paint her face and not want a mask, but I'm actually looking forward to constructing the mask for her. It will be a fun challenge. Thanks for such a great drawing, Ella! This will help tremendously! I will be purchasing supplies tomorrow to get started right away.

Finally, M received a piece of mail from Rob on Thursday. He told me of his plans for his project and I just couldn't wait for M to actually receive it in the mail. She gets so excited with mail anyway that I knew it would be an immediate hit with her. Daddy sent her a flat daddy hug in the mail, "laminated" with packing tape for durability. How very clever of you, Daddy! M loves it and I tried (unsuccessfully) not to cry when she was wrapping it around herself. I told her that it was a hug from Daddy and she knew exactly what to do with it. She keeps it in her backpack and takes it pretty much wherever we go. I have a little idea in store for the flat daddy hug as soon as the leaves really start to fall.
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  1. OK, you're going to make me cry with the hug from Daddy! Not long now, my friend!!! :-)

  2. it was so much fun...I love Halloween decoration.