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I'm really trying to behave myself. As much as I like to see the new holiday items enter the stores, I was always bothered by how soon retailers would push in the decor for future seasons/holidays and crowd out the decor of the current or soon to arrive holidays/seasons. This year (and I suppose last year) I feel a little differently. Last year I skimped on Halloween, our favorite holiday as a family. Even though Rob will be missing another Halloween with us this year, I have decided not to be a "scrooge" about Halloween this year. In fact, I'm breaking my personal rules regarding holiday decorations and have begun "decking the halls" (just a little)with Halloween holiday drear with more than one month remaining before the occasion. Starting today is my personal challenge to complete at least one item (Halloween related) each day for one week. Blogger will keep me accountable.
This little project took about 5 minutes (not counting drying time) to put together. I realize that it's pretty brainless, but I'll include a step-by-step just because I feel like it.
You will need:
  • Branch/twig with an interesting shape (mine was a half dead branch that I snapped off a tree - still had a few laves and little berries attached)
  • Black spray paint (I used flat black for added drear)
  • Vessel of some sort (something that looks aged -- I think mine came from Wally World)
  • Black River Rocks
  • Crow/Raven to perch on your gloomy little tree
How to:
  1. Snap off any bits that you don't like.
  2. Spray paint your branch (allow to dry -- another nice thing about flat paint is that it dries really fast).
  3. Place branch in vessel.
  4. While holding branch up with one hand, pour in your river rocks.
  5. Affix bird to the tree and...finito!
You should probably know that M was not at all thrilled that I took her "sister" crow for the tree. She claimed two of my crows for herself (a "sister" and a "brother") and was VERY upset that the "brother" was all alone.
One more thing, a quote that Rob shared with me via Yahoo IM while I was typing this post: "Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it." Benjamin Franklin
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  1. I'm completely for decorating for the next and coming holiday, I would have to call you and let you know how I feel if you were already purchasing and using the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations though... =)