M's new pet

Yesterday, on our way to Leavenworth for a dear little friend's birthday party, M & I stopped at Michael's to pick up some blackbirds (for a Halloween project) and to kill some time wandering the aisles of craft world. M spotted a lovely little tortoise (she'll correct you if you call it a turtle) that she begged be ever so sweetly to buy for her. Obviously I relented. While she was in the shopping cart she said, "see my little pet?" "His name is Becky." She likes to hold Becky perched on her arm while she pets him. This afternoon I caught her with one of my clear bra straps (she pulled it off the top of the laundry basket full of clothes that I had just folded) fastened around Becky as a leash. Becky sleeps and takes baths with her. :) Pin It

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is too cute! and the smartest little girl i've ever know...a tortoise...