Things that go AGGGHHHHHH in the night

Picture this (mind you, this is the second time that this has happened to us):
M and I are watching a movie. All of a sudden there's this flying creature flittering and flapping in the living room and one screaming daughter. For the second time since we have lived in this house, a bat had somehow found its way into our living space (the first time was almost exactly two years earlier, jut a few months after we moved in). Apparently we are not the only house on our loop that houses bats, either. My guess is that they come in through the attic vent, even though the spaces in the grate are less than an inch apart. I guess I'll call Picerne tomorrow. Thanks so very much to my very tall, dear friend and neighbor for coming over to capture the little beast. It was a feisty little bugger, shrieking, and snorting even baring it's teeth. The other one was much more docile and more average size for a bat (little). This one was one of the largest bats I have ever seen and, believe me, I've seen numerous bats with my excursions in college. Yowsa!

I apologize for the blurry photos, they looked much clearer on the viewer--oh well.
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  1. Ahhhh yes! I remember those moments not so very long ago... life is so much more interesting when little creatures come to visit!

  2. :)) Kansas may seem a little dull to some, but not when you live in Historic Army housing (1922, I think). I always thought our little houses had character - in the architectural sense. They really do have CHARACTER! You know you miss them, Connie. ;)