Don't Forget ... mmmwahahahaha

Martha Stewart and her creative editors provide such fantastic ideas for the holidays, especially Halloween. Gina (dear friend and neighbor) and I have decided to go together to throw a neighborhood Halloween party this year and found the perfect invitation idea from Martha's website. While Martha's severed fingers are casts of actual fingers, we found our version to be much more cost effective. In other words, I'm a cheapskate. I already had all of the materials except for the orange cardstock and the exelsior moss ($3.00 spent for 16 invitations). I created a template out of cardboard to make the black boxes out of cardstock. Gina and I then sculpted the fingers out of polymer clay (brick that I've had for at least 13 years). Then I rubbed watered down black paint on the fingers to 'decompose' them slightly and finished off the severed ends with a little 'blood' paint and tied ribbons around each finger. Finally, I used torn strips of orange broadcloth to complete the look. Oh, how easily I am entertained! Seriously, I'm so amused looking at the severed digits. While I was sculpting them, I decided to add cracks to the last few fingernails to give them an extra crusty appearance. I may sculpt toes next year and attach toe tags. Hopefully Gina had half as much fun as I did. I love to see her creative side growing. Tomorrow they shall be delivered (wish all of you could be here to join us). Pin It


  1. Love it! I just checked out Eddie Ross' blog and he has the cutest idea for decorating with pumpkins that would be Perfect for a halloween party- you have to have a look! Going to bed (really), Sara

  2. I had an awesome time creating our fingers! You're going to make me crafty yet!