Halloween Prep 4 -- well, nothing to show for it just yet

Okay, so I have nothing to show for my 2-day absence. I really did think that it would be feasible to post photos of finished items for every day this week. I guess that's not the case. I do have two jumpsuits that need cuffs and collars and I will have something to show tomorrow.
The past two days I have been catching up with my dear husband (since he has been on his 48-hour reset schedule), trying to purchase a vehicle (4 doors!), and catching up on my sleep. For two weeks in a row, I was consistently going to bed past 1:30 am, usually 2:00 or 2:15-ish and getting up with Maia in the morning around 7:30. While 7:30 isn't too terribly early, sleeping for 5 hours is no picnic. Why do I torture myself! Night before last, I went to bed at 9 or 9:15pm and slept until 9:30 the next morning, as did Maia. I guess we needed the sleep. Last night was a little more normal and I intend to behave myself so I don't let my immune system get the better of me. Tomorrow should allow me to finish a couple of costume pieces -- I hope!
Here are a few pics of M's happy experiences the past few days:

She opened her mail from Grandma Deb Wednesday morning at breakfast and found the start of a sticker book activity that her dear Grandmother so cleverly broke down into future mailings. I love that idea, especially since M loves receiving mail!
We returned home from the commissary Thursday afternoon and M had confiscated the honey bear from one of the grocery bags. "This is my brother bear and his hat." Rob says she needs a sibling.

Today: "Is this I love you, Mommy?"
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  1. I love you, sweetie!

  2. 4-door car will be good, getting sleep - even better. Don't wear yourself out or you will only be on the go for so long!
    Love the pics of M, I miss you two so much, with how things are progressing in my life, I may need to schedule another trip to family =). Oh and of course Robs pic is great too lol

  3. Open-door, open-ended invite, Beth. Anytime for however long you want/need/can bribe your boss for time off.

  4. absolutely -- open-ended invite!