The "Mouse Bat" Costume

Well, I finally finished my sister, Ella's Halloween costume, her own creation -- the "mouse bat." I'm so tickled with her imagination. Seriously, she blows me away! Click here and scroll down to see Ella's original drawing.

Here's the jumpsuit with the detachable wings. I'm not completely happy with the wings. My original plan of using white pantyhose didn't work because they were too narrow -- even the queen size ones. when they were stretched over the wire frame, the frame buckled.

Just a few pics of the wings in progress - the sketch used as a guide for the frame - and a big roll of white duct tape to connect coat hanger pieces used to build the frame (6 hangers total for both wings)

Close up of the "segmented" tail I just wish I had her to model it for me to make sure everything fit okay. M happily volunteered to try on the mask, of course. :)
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  1. You're amazing my friend! I really miss you a lot; it's making me cry :o(