Containment isn't possible!

Yesterday was the day...447 days later, we are a family again! After attending our fourth redeployment ceremony for the CAB, we were finally able to bring our soldier home! Hooray, Rob is home! Mom N. was able to make the drive to see the ceremony as well. We're so glad she was able to share the moment with us. We hoped for a pre-Thanksgiving homecoming, where I would write all about how thankful I was to have him home. Instead, I tried not to think about how much I missed him and had an absolutely lovely evening with the Phillips' fam. Thank God for great friends and warm hearts! We were thankful that he was safe in Kuwait and that he did enjoy a nice turkey dinner there.
I'll post a video and more pics later but for now, I just wanted to do a quick post for those of you who have been waiting and praying all these months with us (I'm kicking myself for using the wrong setting on the camera -- blurred shots) . Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during the past year+!
(Thanks so much, Sara R. for including a photo of Rob & I on your blog!)
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  1. I'm so happy Sarah! Thank God he's finally back. Don't you blog for a while now...go enjoy your hubby!

  2. Meredith Ryncarz02 December, 2008 16:30

    YAY! I am so glad for you that he is home! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!

  3. So glad to see your family is one again. We will still be waiting for for a visit from you or to come see you. All our love.
    Brad, Susan, Brianna, & Steven

  4. We had a great Thanksgiving with you are soooo happy Rob is back!