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please excuse the poor quality of this photo, I was too lazy to try for better shot.

Yay! This morning I was researching where I needed to cast my vote and was attempting to double-check my Kansas voter registration status. Much to my dismay, there was no record of me on the Kansas voters' website. I prayed that it was just a mistake and that the place where I was to cast my vote would have my name listed in their records. Hallelujah! I was listed and the very sweet ladies at the Geary County Office Building escorted Maia and I to a booth where I cast my first ballot via a computer. My past ballots were either absentee or cast by filling in the bubbles with a no. 2 pencil. I intended to take a photo of my ballot (the presidential page) but left both the camera and camera phone in the car, oh well.

Please understand that I have a strong dislike for political speak. Debating my views with someone totally stresses me out and I find absolutely no pleasure in confrontation. However, I have been so moved by this particular election (to tears, believe it or not) and just wanted to expose a bit of my political side and say how excited I am over the outcome of today's Presidential election. I look forward to what lies ahead for our nation -- to a growing tolerance, opened eyes and open minds.
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