Repurposed Aviator BDUs

I wish I had the original idea to re purpose old military uniforms into bags and other fun stuff. This particular project was something that I meant to have finished before Rob deployed but kept pushing it aside because I had to make a gift for someone or had some other project for another event or occasion that had priority. At least I finished M's backpack before I finished my own bag. The bag is of my own design and was a cut and sew as I go project. Typically, I over plan when I'm creating from an original design with several drawings and test pattern pieces. This one just arose from one simple drawing and I took off from there. This bag utilized one A-BDU top and a portion of the waistband from the pants. It has a key clip, 2 zippered pockets on the outside and six pockets on the inside plus an added zippered interior pocket (was too tough to get a decent photograph of the interior). I also used a bit of the same patriotic prints that I used for M"s backpack to embellish and embroidered "missing you" in yellow on the back. The only thing that really bugs me about this bag is the Ness name tape. I remember us both being more than annoyed at the quality of the tapes when Rob picked them up at clothing and sales on Ft. Rucker. This certainly isn't my best work, but I'm proud to carry a reminder of my beloved -- sappy, I know. :)
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