Last post of 2008

As my last blog post of 2009, I'll share a handmade, procrastinated (finished last night) Christmas gift. Since I wasn't able to finish it before they (Phillips family) left for Christmas Vacation, I waited until after the 26th to finish since they weren't expected to arrive until the 30th (yesterday). Here it is -- a portable fabric barn complete with a lined drawstring bag of farm animals. The structure of the barn is from a fantastic tutorial for a fabric dollhouse at UK lass in US. I used the same tutorial to make my little niece a portable fabric dollhouse but forgot to take photos of the finished project before it was mailed (I may get a chance to snap a few pics when I see her this coming weekend). All of the windows, doors, and landscaping are appliqued with a simple zigzag stitch and I added a few french knots to add 'flowers to the dimensional bush and lily pads. I wish I could take credit for this idea but I must give credit to the rightful designer. Thanks so much, Dawn for the generous tutorial.
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  1. very cute! also love the pic, got the card in the mail today =) can't wait to see you all!