All about the froth

If you had asked me four years ago if there would ever be an espresso machine in our house I would have said no WAY! Rob and I have always loved the smell of coffee but have never been able to stomach it. Dear friends in Germany eventually got me started on an occasional (occasional being once or twice per year) mocha. My cravings for the bean increased very gradually until shortly after Rob deployed, as did his. In Iraq, the soldiers in his company were treated to a professional machine with everything they needed to concoct delicious cups of latte, cappuccino and espresso. Rob's ranting over his samplings and new found addiction spread to my Dad and Naidine who graciously gave him a shiny new espresso machine of his very own for Christmas. Despite having never used an espresso machine himself, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Rob has quite the frothing talent. :)

Rob has even found a way to give M treats from the espresso machine by making "fluffy milk" (as M fondly calls it) -- flavored (usually vanilla) steamed milk. M's milk is never too hot since the machine has a pump which allows us to froth the milk without heating it too much for a little girl's tender tongue.
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  1. glad to hear its still being put to good use after all the test runs and test dummies he tried it out on first =) Good Work Rob