I haven't the slightest idea as to why I'm posting this photo (Rob says that the blob of food dropping from the spatula looks like Australia), or really why I'm even mentioning this at all. I even made a reference to it on Facebook. The contents in the bowl in the photo are the makings of a raw food recipe for cat food. Yep, that's right, cat food. Obviously, we love our two kitties (hence, the effort), but I never had a problem with feeding them decent quality, high-protein kibble. They have been on the same food for 8+ years but now it seems as though their food no longer agrees with their systems. After much research, I found something credible from a veterinarian regarding a raw food diet for cats. This recipe used one 5.5 lb whole chicken (including the bones; which, by the way, grinding the bones with the meat was one of the most repulsive sounds I have ever heard) egg yolks and several nutritional supplements. I don't have a weak stomach at all, but preparing this recipe for the cats made my stomach a little queasy. The cats seemed to like it right away, but now I'm having issues with their desire to eat again. Time to go see the vet, I guess.

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  1. Um. Yes...that does make my normally strong stomach a little queasy...and I am only looking at it. I have boiled chicken and rice for my dog at times throughout his life, you bring a new level of dedication to the table!!
    Congrats on the VOTQ and congrats on passing on the FRG (not sure which one to be more excited for you about, lol).

  2. Sarah, have you tried simply pets.com? I've found some healthy treats for Kodi on this site that our vet approves. Mom

  3. Geesh, I don't even think MY iron stomach can handle that!!!!