Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Our New Year's Eve celebration was an absolute blast. We started the evening with chatting, snacks and wine (and gummy bears soaked in vodka - who knew the little bears could absorb so much alcohol? It will be a VERY long time before I experience those again). Just before midnight, we nearly missed the countdown since we were all playing "Rock Band" on the Wii (nerdy, yes but incredibly addictive).

After recovering on the 1st, Rob, M and I drove to Sioux Falls to meet several of our family members for a mini reunion. Our objective was simply to be together and play a few games. Naturally, we brought "Rock Band." M certainly had fun with her little cousin, Eden and Aunt Ella. We had such a good time catching up with everyone and playing games. Wish we could have seen everyone but time and schedules didn't cooperate with everyone. Hope we can get together again soon!
Below are a couple of photos of the fabric dollhouse that I made for Eden for Christmas, complete with a wooden family (painted to resemble Eden, her mom and her dad). Thanks, Christina for bringing it to Sioux Falls so I could take a couple of photos since I seem to be forgetting to photograph my projects lately (2 outfits, blankets, one bag and a couple of toys to name a few). Please excuse the shoddy quality.


interior with family

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  1. Great picture of the girls! It's snowing here, hope you are staying warm and enjoy the slides this weekend =)