A modest sewing space

These photos are just a little encouragement for those of you living in small spaces. You can have a sewing space with everything right at your fingertips even if you have a small space. My sewing space is in our guest bedroom (~9.5' x 10.5 '), although, if we have another child the desk will likely migrate to our bedroom. Here, I utilize the desk I made 7-ish years ago, a bit of the wall and under the guest bed to have all of my supplies readily available. In the desk I store all of my notions (with the exception of one small storage container in the closet for trim, zippers, elastic and Velcro). Aside from holding a few mementos (like the mountain bike my brother sculpted out of wire for a h.s. graduation gift), the giant cork board is used to hold my thread rack and to clip designs, pattern instructions and pieces for easy viewing while I work on a project. I used risers ($7-8 at Target or Wally World) on the bed to raise it high enough to store plastic totes of all my fabric, stabilizer and interfacing (there are plenty of totes that go all around the bed but I'm just showing you one photo so you get the idea). On the wall, nearly bare for the moment, is one of my favorite things for patchwork design, my felt board. The felt board is made using a giant poster size frame with the glass removed and covering the back of the frame board with inexpensive felt (you can use flannel as well) and is used to lay out your pieces and arrange them to your heart's content. The felt bonds to fabric like Velcro, making this a great way to piece a quilt block or small patchwork quilt without laying everything on the floor or a bed and having a toddler or furry animal destroy the layout that you have created (yes, I have experienced this -- many, many times). M loves playing with my fabric and felt scraps on the felt board as well, creating lovely little landscapes and scenarios while I work away on a project. I have little to adorn the walls as that is a work in progress but a recent addition is a giant pair of rested metal shears that just belong here and a little shadow box that I created using a butterfly paper punch, mounting adhesive and several scraps of scrapbook paper (no need for a tutorial, it's pretty self explanatory). I saw something similar a while back and loved the simplicity. M loves the butterflies so much that I think this piece will move to her room and I'll have to think of something else. I suppose that about covers this little space for now. Stay tuned for further changes to my small sewing space in the future. :)

By the way, the antique chair is perfect for midgets like myself. I can sit all the way back in the chair AND touch the floor!
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  1. What an amazing neat, neat, neat area! And I love that scissors!

  2. I should photograph my small space...but it's much more messy than yours! It's organized, but "well loved"!