Learning to Spell

I'm a little tardy with this post, since I promised to post this yesterday on Facebook...oh, well. After dinner a couple of evenings ago, we were all sitting together enjoying family time when M pulled her little toy laptop onto her lap and shocked both Rob and I by spelling the word 'zipper.' We were amazed and decided to ask her to spell more words. Unbelievable! Among some of the words she spelled for us were: feet, cat, dog, door, cow and horse. Cow wasn't recognized by the computer so she thought she didn't sound it out properly and spelled it wrong. Horse also wasn't recognized by the computer and she needed extra help with the silent 'e' on the end. She loves learning new things and is constantly asking questions. No matter how many questions she asks we always try to be as patient and as excited for her as we can to encourage her love for learning. I think it's paying off. Aside from homemade games, flashcards and workbooks, two educational toys that Maia plays with on a daily basis are:

  • Vtech® Nitro Jr. Notebook -- (recommended ages 4-7) as seen in the video above - great for road trips, M also loves to "work on her computer" when mommy is blogging or checking email

  • LeapFrog® Fridge Words -- (recommended ages 3+) this really got her started with spelling. The toy adheres to the refrigerator via magnets and has different levels for learning phonics, spelling and word recognition. This toy is what I think really kicked off the phonics lessons. This is a huge hit when I'm cooking in the kitchen. M likes to drive her little mouse car into the kitchen, spell a word, then drive out again...repeating this over and over again.

Mass-produced, plastic toys that make noise are definitely not something I typically approve of or rave about, but I'll make the exception here...especially if they make learning fun.

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  1. What a little rock star!!! That's amazing! Much love to all of you!!!

  2. She sounds so much like her Mama.
    Pretty soon she'll be trying to teach any child she come across. You started teaching broter Matt as soon as he could sit on his own. His genre (sp)was numbers and what you can do with them.
    Love Mom