Hello to you all! Since I had a chance to sit down and breathe for a second -(This is Rob)- I thought I would enter a post for Sarah's blog. Chances are that if you are reading this, you know Sarah pretty well, so I'm writing here to add some detail that she would probably not admit unless prodded.
It's a semi-clear, cool Sunday afternoon as I write. The past few days have brought several severe storms and it's a nice relaxing way to catch up on the sleep that the tornado warnings have robbed from me. As I- and most normal people- are enjoying relaxing, Sarah has every cabinet door from our house in Ozark spread out on the tile floor. I believe she may have hinted about this in a previous post, but I'll elaborate.
Most of you know that we bought a house here and are currently renting it out. Most of you probably even know that Sarah spent a lot of time painting and improving the property prior to us leaving AL. At the first possibility after Sarah and M got here, I took them out to the property and we walked through to see what work needed to be done and what we could find time to do.
When I saw the property, I was pleased. It has worn very well for 5 years in my opinion. When we got into the car Sarah was quiet, reserved, even depressed. It took a bit of badgering and pestering but I finally pieced together that she was upset that she hadn't primed and painted the cabinets properly and was discouraged by the overgrowth of some plants at the front of the house. 2 weekends ago we ripped out the trees and bushes- admittedly it made a very noticeable difference.

  • This weekend is the climax of the cabinet dilemma.

When Sarah pointed out the cabinets during our walkthrough, there were a couple of chips in the paint- not really noticeable. But again, if you're reading this, you probably know Sarah well enough to know and picture what the past few days have been like, and you probably have guessed that talking her out of jumping into yet another big project was never an option.

FYI- our future plans are to move back into the house and I'll spend the last few years in the Army there. When that time comes, our plan is to replace all of these cabinets then anyway.

Thanks, it's been fun. I may hijack this blog again sometime.

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  1. Wonderfully written and I applaud Sarah for her efforts - as one who can truly understand =)