Maybe it doesn't taste as good as it looks

So...I'm tidying up the jacuzzi tub area here in our temporary home away from home and found one of the little wax melts that was included in a very sweet (and well put together, I must add) V-day gift basket of goodies (Wine, candles, vapor bubble bath -- all hand chosen by him) from dear Rob and almost put it away without really paying any attention. As I'm getting ready to set the wax melt down, I notice...

Yes, indeed those are, in fact, teeth marks. Hmmmmmm, I wonder, who could have done that? Upon asking my number one suspect (after laughing hysterically and showing Rob the evidence), M fully admitted to the sampling. She said it was too hard to eat -- nothing about it not tasting good. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. After all, she says that the bubbles in her bath taste "yummy."
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