Reconnecting at the Zoo

Back to the blog...it's been a while but we've been having fun. In the past ten days or so I/we have:
  1. removed 3 small trees and 4 or 5 bushes from our house in AL (current tenants-flight school students-have been very accommodating and we're lucky to have them living in the house)
  2. been attacked by fire ants (thousands) but I walked away with only 7 bites on my arm most of them swarmed my shirt and I was able to shake them off in my fury of "freak-out" mode
  3. taken several walks around the trail at the city park while M ran ahead
  4. fed the bazillion fish in the little pond at the park (and two turtles - sliders)
  5. played countless times on a "vintage" playground (you know, the kind where everything is made of metal, the ones that that have tall, steep slides that get torn down because kids have probably fallen from them, and the heavy metal animal swings that you wouldn't dare walk behind or else you may end up in a coma from getting smacked in the head---the best playgrounds)
  6. met a good friend (and former co-worker from my days at JoAnn fabrics) that I haven't seen in almost eight years
  7. went to the Montgomery Zoo
  8. went to the beach again (this time, with Flat Stanley)
  9. paid a visit to the Gulfarium
  10. visited one of our favorite restaurants on the FL panhandle, Mulhollow's Bistro
  11. allowed allergies to get the better of me on a beautiful Sunday and still insisted on visiting the garden center at Lowe's
  12. stayed home all day today and did nothing to allow my itchy, puffy red eyes and nose to recuperate (thought that was a good idea since M looked at me last night with a horrid expression and said "Mommy, what happened to your face?")

This past Thursday was the trip to the zoo in Montgomery. I met my dear friend, Brenda (former co-worker from my days at JoAnn fabrics in Virginia) and her daughter and grandchildren for lunch at a tiny Italian place in Montgomery and then we headed off to the zoo for a day of fun. M so enjoyed the company of Brenda's grandchildren and I had such a great time visiting and catching up with my friend that I haven't seen for nearly eight years. When I left JoAnn's it was like leaving behind part of my family. I'm so thankful that we had this opportunity. Meeting Brenda's daughter, Angela, was just icing on the cake. What a kind, sweet and generous family! I can't let another eight years go by without another visit!

Scarlet Ibis

Are we in Narnia?

Holey tree!

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  1. Beautiful pics. I love seeing the tshirts and sun. We've gone from 60 degree weather to tornado warnings to snow all in a day...gotta love SD.