Sometimes I can't believe what I get myself into

I'm soooooo incredibly thankful these days:

  1. Rob gets to come home with M and I instead of staying here another two months!

  2. I got my blog back from the hijacker and...

  3. The cabinets are finished!

Yes, he's definitely right about the projects that I tend to take on. I PROMISE you, however, that the cabinet doors had more than a few scratches. In fact, they looked horrible. My theory was that if I didn't act while I had the chance that the current and future tenants would care even less about the condition of the house and keeping up with daily chores the worse the house looked. I was admittedly depressed when I saw the condition of the kitchen and front yard. Our yard had curb appeal when we lived there so when I saw how the front of the house disappeared in the overgrown crepe myrtle trees I started to fall. After seeing the kitchen -- I couldn't even take pictures I felt so completely helpless. To get out of my funky mood, I decided that I was determined to take full advantage of our time here in AL during Rob's TDY and do something about the house. I spent this past week removing all 32 cabinet doors (for the second time -- I did this shortly after we moved in), the hinges and knobs, sanding the cabinets and doors (once again), priming (for the first time -- won't make the mistake of leaving off this step again!) and painting (3 coats again) the cabinets and doors in the kitchen. Rob helped me reinstall the doors today and I can proudly say that this Major project is finished! If you have ever tackled kitchen cabinets before, it is a simple project but Very time consuming and potentially back breaking (depending on how many cabinet doors you decide to carry at one given time). We are blessed with a decent size kitchen with lots of cabinet space so that meant a good 2 hours to remove all of the hardware, 3 hours of sanding, 1-2 hour(s) to tape off everything, at least 9 hours of painting and priming and another hour and a half to reinstall the doors and hardware. This did not count painting the insides of the cabinets. That, we'll leave for when we are back in the house and have access to a paint sprayer. When we're back in Kansas I'll scan and post a photo of the kitchen before and after they were painted the first time -- it was a dark, dark kitchen. Enough boring you with cabinet details -- I'll be back later this week with photos from fun experiences from the previous week. Tchuss!

Were the cabinets really that bad? Hmmm, if the current tenants (bachelor flight school students) made an effort to text Rob this evening about how great they thought the cabinets looked now that they are done, don't you think they must have least been noticeably marred? Yes, they were awful. The cabinet doors looked like some little dog had been scratching at them trying to find a way out.

I brought all of the cabinet doors to the TDY house to paint them in the dining room/living room -- glad I can finally sweep the floors and not be completely neurotic about the cats using them as stepping stones or basking platforms (getting their fur all over each and every door with every single coat of paint). Tigger and Shasta were put away in the bathroom against their will during each paint application. I'm sure they're glad to have full freedom once again.
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