Why is this blog-worthy?

...just thought that those of you who know me might miss being around my obsessive ways. Here's a little something special just for you:

A brand new box of 64 Crayola® crayonsSeriously? This just won't do.
Something must be done...

Ahhhhh....blood pressure stabilizing...entering calm, submissive state................

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  1. Valerie Vedder02 March, 2009 14:49

    Definitely blog-worthy, even if it is a little coo-coo. Now, will Maia keep it that way??

  2. Yes. This is the daughter I know and love. I guess I didn't realize that I also am slightly OCD. Crayons, eating Scittles, M&M's etc, arranging patterns and other sewing items

  3. That made me chuckle! I really think some of your ways have rubbed off on Matthew also. There are certain things he wants just so. Scary!!!

  4. Oh how I love and miss you.

    PS: I do the same thing...

  5. Hee hee...To everyone: Thanks for making me feel like this really was blog worthy. :)

  6. Ahhhhh, that's better! At least until M decides to color!!!